EU, processors await possible bird flu outbreak

by 5m Editor
12 October 2005, at 12:00am

EU - With bird flu creeping up on the EU, the bloc's members have been jolted into a more active response to the danger, which not only threatens human health, but also the poultry processing sector's livelihood. If the disease hits here the EU might have to cull entire flocks to stop the disease from spreading and infecting humans, raising not only a supply problem for food processors, but also a drop in consumption due to consumers fears. Northern Foods yesterday blamed bird flu and the resulting supply problem for raising the price of the chicken meat it uses as an ingredient for its processed foods. The company said the avian flu has led the company to buy more expensive locally reared chicken. Yesterday the EU banned imports of live birds and feathers from Turkey. Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Ukraine and Serbia-Montenegro also banned poultry imports from Turkey and Romania. Source: FoodProductionDaily

5m Editor