New Zealand Sets Out Research Vision

by 5m Editor
28 November 2005, at 12:00am

NEW ZEALAND - The head of New Zealand's largest agricultural research organisation has unveiled the company's visionary '2020 Science' strategy, outlining 'Five Big Ideas' to lead the pastoral sector and biotechnology industries through the next 15 years. "These big ideas, while nice and simple and not too modest, are critical for the success of the pastoral sector and biotechnology industries," said AgResearch Chairman Rick Christie. Mr Christie, stressed that while ideas were big on their own, the task of achieving them would be a real challenge if funding remains at its present levels. "We must lift funding from all sources if we are to make the quantum shifts necessary to maintain our competitive advantage." AgResearch Chief Science Strategist, Dr Stephen Goldson, told Farming Life that '2020 Science' set targets for AgResearch that will hopefully be supported by the entire grassland sector. "Within our 'Five Big Ideas' we talk about changes, which in simple terms means reducing resource input while increasing output," Dr Goldson said. Source: FarmingLife

5m Editor