180 letters of objection, but poultry farm gains approval

by 5m Editor
19 December 2005, at 12:00am

UK - A Poultry farm for 12,000 free-range hens has been given the go-ahead after the farmer appealed against a decision to refuse it. Derwentside District Council denied Steven Spry and his parents, William and Beryl, planning permission for the development at Derwent Oak Farm, in Hamsterley Mill, earlier this year. The authority received 180 letters of objection from the community of 140 homes, complaining that the farm would create a foul smell, as well as noise and an increased volume of traffic. The development control committee decided unanimously to refuse permission, but Mr Spry contested the decision through an eight-day public inquiry. Government inspector Karl Moxon overturned the council's decision and ordered the council to pay costs. Mr Spry said he has spent £130,000 on the case, but the district council was unable to comment on how much it had spent and whether it would challenge the farmer's claim. Source: ThisIsConsett

5m Editor