Demand To Grant Agriculture Status To Indian Poultry Sector

by 5m Editor
6 December 2005, at 12:00am

INDIA - The Poultry Punch Publication (India) Pvt Ltd. (PPP) and other poultry organisations will demand that State government to bring poultry under agriculture sector, at the 7th All-India Poultry Exhibition scheduled next week in the City. Addressing a press conference, Editor and Organiser B S Rana said that poor logistics had shackled the poultry industry in the country. “There is great demand for Indian eggs and broiler meat in the Middle-East and Gulf. To become a dominant world player, the Government should come to the aide of poultry industry,” he said. The Central and State governments should co-ordinate to boost the Poultry sector, he added. Talking about the exhibition, he said farmers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are expected to participate. Source: NewIndExpress

5m Editor