Moldovans consumed more poultry in 2005

by 5m Editor
27 December 2005, at 12:00am

MOLDOVA - Poultry production will total about 11,000 tonnes by the end of 2005, up by about 40 percent on 2004. According to the general director of the state poultry breeder “Avicola-Moldova”, Ion Bazgu, the increase is due to the high poultry consumption on the internal market. The poultry production (including goose, duck, turkey) will total this year 36,000 tonnes, what is by 12 percent more than the previous year. Egg production went up by 6 percent and will make up 750 million units by the end of the current year. Bazgu specified that about 60 million eggs were exported to Romania until now. "This quantity could be increased, but we do not want to create a crisis on the internal market,” Bazgu told. Twenty-six farms that keep up to 3 million birds are registered in the intensive sector, the rest of them being in the auxiliary sector that produces about 60 percent of the total number of eggs and poultry in the country. Source:

5m Editor