Turkish Gov't moves to save poultry industry

by 5m Editor
27 January 2006, at 12:00am

TURKEY - Deputy Prime Minister Abdullatif Thornener announced a set of measures on Friday aiming to rescue the Turkish poultry sector from the shock it has received from bird flu infections. Thornener said the measures were agreed on after talks between government officials and representatives of the poultry sector over the weekend. Under the plan, industries would receive compensation for some 14 million aging chickens slated for slaughter and would be allowed to postpone paying their electricity bills, taxes and state bank loans for periods of between six months to a year, Thornener told reporters. More than half the estimated cost will be spent to establish "protection belts" around wetlands frequented by migratory birds, believed by some to be spreading the bird flu virus, and industrial facilities producing poultry. Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker accused Turkey's neighbors of concealing bird flu outbreaks and hampering efforts to prevent the spread of the disease. Source: tmcnet

5m Editor