Bird flu scare brings poultry prices down

by 5m Editor
23 February 2006, at 12:00am

PAKISTAN - The poultry industry in Pakistan has been affected as 30 per cent orders are cancelled following reports of bird flu across the globe, market sources said here yesterday. Poultry sales also fall in many parts of the country’s second largest city, Lahore, as prices in some local markets are down, causing a heavy loss to the industry. Tahir Khan of the Punjab Poultry Breeders said that the price of chicken was dropped by Rs4 per chick on Tuesday. Almost 30 per cent farmers have cancelled their orders, he noted. Pakistan Poultry Association Chairman Raza Mehmood Khushnud said, “Though some farmers have cancelled poultry orders but situation is under control and hoped that the poultry industry will come to normal business in a few days.” Source: The Peninsula

5m Editor