Company To Collect Dead Animals, Grease

by 5m Editor
5 May 2006, at 12:00am

US - For the first time in six years since the only rendering plant in Billings closed, residents will be able to take their dead animals to a processing plant instead of going to the landfill or illegally dumping them in a coulee. And restaurants and meat processors will have another option to dispose of their waste grease and animal parts. Baker Commodities Inc., of Los Angeles, is closing a collection site in Missoula and opening a facility in Billings. Company officials, who have talked with local officials about coming to Billings since 2004, have purchased property at 800 Minnesota Ave., next to the former Midland Packing plant. "We lost our lease in Missoula, but we've been expanding eastward and providing byproduct and restaurant collection," said Executive Vice President Dennis Luckey. Source: Billings Gazette

5m Editor