Lloyd Maunder seeks south-west producers

by 5m Editor
27 June 2006, at 12:00am

UK - Lloyd Maunder is once again looking to recruit poultry producers in the south west after seeing strong growth in its West Country chicken brands. The family-owned firm has diversified its business away from standard broilers so that now 60% of its output is free-range, organic or RSPCA Freedom Food chicken. With sales on track to hit 500,000 birds a week later this year, it means 15.6m value-added birds will be produced this year. Part of the success comes from promoting the "West Country chicken" label even on supplies to supermarket own-brand product, said a spokesman for Lloyd Maunder. "We haven't protected the West Country chicken label, but it is only produced by Lloyd Maunder. Source: FWi

5m Editor