Poultry odors prevented?

by 5m Editor
8 June 2006, at 12:00am

US - Every hot, summer morning, Darrell McFadden walks outside, takes a whiff and regrets moving to the Lower Shore. "When we first came here, (the neighboring poultry houses) reeked so bad it made our eyes water," said McFadden, who relocated from Baltimore in 2003. "We came here for some fresh air, but we certainly didn't get that." His home on St. Luke's Road is bordered by three poultry houses -- each about 400 yards away -- and in the summertime the stench is overwhelming, he said. But Sang Park, owner of one of three nearby farms, said he understands the neighbors' concerns and works hard to keep the odor to a minimum. Source: The Daily Times

5m Editor