Indiana reaches milestone with livestock registration

by 5m Editor
10 July 2006, at 12:00am

INDIANAPOLIS - With fewer than 60 days before a statewide livestock premise registration deadline, Indiana has reached a milestone: 10,000 Hoosier livestock farms and sale barns have been registered with the State Board of Animal Health. Those 10,000 premises represent nearly half of the estimated number of sites that must be part of the system by Sept. 1, said Dr. Jen Greiner, a veterinarian and director of the identification programs. "We've had excellent response and participation from thousands of Hoosier livestock producers. Each day as we register dozens more, we stand optimistic that we will meet our goal by September," Greiner said. Indiana has about 23,000 premises that must meet the registration requirement. That includes all premises associated with the sale, purchase and/or exhibition of sheep, goats, cattle, swine and captive cervids like deer and elk. Source: Palladium-Item

5m Editor