Newcastle Disease Found In Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

by 5m Editor
7 July 2006, at 12:00am

BRAZIL - The World Organization For Animal Health, or OIE, said in a press statement Thursday that a case of Newcastle disease was found on a private property in Rio Grande do Sul, one of Brazil's most important chicken producing states. The Agriculture Ministry didn't return phone calls made by Dow Jones Newswires to confirm the disease, but the local Estado newswire said that laboratory tests begun in early May on chickens in the town of Vale Real in Rio Grande do Sul discovered the virus that causes the disease in one bird. Forty-four chickens were slaughtered as a result. The discovery was made during the state's standard animal health monitoring operations, the newswire reported, citing Agriculture Ministry representative in Rio Grande do Sul, Francisco Signor. The property was under particular watch because one chicken had showed signs of respiratory problems, a symptom of the Newcastle disease. Source: CattleNetwork

5m Editor