Test chickens, senator says

by 5m Editor
8 July 2006, at 12:00am

FIJI - Proper tests need to be carried out to ascertain whether frozen chicken had chemicals present in them, says the Consumer Council of Fiji. This follows claims by Senator Ratu Solomone Buaserau in the Upper House that chicken sold in supermarkets contained chemicals as a result of chemicals being fed to them to help their growth. He called on health and agriculture authorities to investigate whether the rapid growth of chicken bred on poultry farms was safe for eating. Council chief executive Premila Kumar said in other countries, chemicals were given to chicken to fatten them so their growth period was reduced. She said it was a purely commercial activity because the faster the chicken grew, the faster they could be sold. "It's too early to detect that. Nothing could be said until and unless proper tests are carried out." She said it has to be realised that not all chemicals are bad. Source: Fiji Times

5m Editor