Farms are raided to crack egg scam

by 5m Editor
13 August 2006, at 8:13pm

AUSTRALIA - Large producers of eggs have been raided by food inspectors in the first stage of a state government-ordered investigation into free-range egg substitution.

The NSW Food Authority has confirmed the unannounced inspections began late last week, after revelations in the Herald that 200,000 cage and barn eggs a day were being passed off as free range, at an extra cost to consumers of about $13 million a year.

The Australian Egg Corporation has rejected the claims, but says it will co-operate with the investigation, called by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Ian Macdonald.

But free-range farmers are already crying foul, after being excluded from a crisis meeting convened by the food authority on Monday to thrash out the issue.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

5m Editor