Over 11,000 farmers waiting for their single farm payment top-up

by 5m Editor
17 August 2006, at 10:32am

UK - The Rural Payments Agency has said that 238 farmers in England are still waiting for a full single farm payment and another 11,202 are waiting for a top-up to their partial payment.

Latest figures issued by the RPA on Wednesday (16 August) show that the agency is making slow progress in clearing its payment backlog.

The EU deadline for payment (30 June) may have passed more than six weeks ago, but there remains about £40m outstanding.

An agency spokesman said that £1.471bn had been paid to producers which equated to 97.12% of the total fund.

But there were 5203 claimants who had received no payment at all so far and of this group 238 had claims worth more than €1000.

Source: FWi

5m Editor