RPA in 'overpayments' shocker says NFU

by 5m Editor
4 August 2006, at 12:00am

UK - The RPA has paid £20m too much - £15m in the last few days - £5m overpaid on June.

Some of the overpaid cheques have been cancelled. Other money is being recovered from farmers.

This comes on the back of announcements from Defra which is making £200m worth of cuts…

Peter Kendall said: “From the phone calls we have been receiving this is no shock. We are aware that some farmers have been over paid but we are alarmed by the number of people who have been underpaid as well. The RPA has a mountain to climb and this still has to be sorted.

“We want to make sure farmers are treated sensibly so they can put their finances in order as soon as possible. I am glad to see they RPA has shown it can act quickly but I want to see the same speed of action in making sure those who have been under paid are paid what they are owed. Lots of farmers have not received any money at all and we want to make sure farmers are given the money they are entitled to.”

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