Scots vets warn diseases could go undetected because of lack of numbers

by 5m Editor
24 August 2006, at 11:17am

UK - A stark warning that potentially devastating diseases are set to go undetected until they are well established in the UK's livestock herd, has come this week from Dr Sandy Clarke, SAC vet based at Thurso.

Dr Clarke, Scottish secretary of the British Veterinary Association, said that the steadily diminishing number of large animal vets meant that diseases such as Bluetongue, confirmed in Holland this week, could quietly become well established in the UK.

BVA officials and representatives from other industry bodies, including the Scottish NFU, met last week to discuss the problem which is generating increasing concern.

Dr Clarke said the BVA and others have highlighted the severity of the situation to DEFRA and SEERAD.

"We are now waiting for the government to come back to indicate if they require a certain level of disease surveillance and animal welfare," Dr Clarke said.

Source: FWi

5m Editor