Vostermans Ventilation Acquires Indolec B.V.

by 5m Editor
15 August 2006, at 9:59am

THE NETHERLANDS - Vostermans Ventilation B.V. situated in Venlo has reinforced its position on the international fan market through the acquisition of companion fan manufacturer Indolec B.V. from Zaltbommel.

The financial details of the takeover, effective as of today, have not been revealed. The Zaltbommel company, which is in bankruptcy for some time, originally employed approximately 30 people. Considerations made today will determine how many employees will retain their jobs thanks to Vostermans' takeover.

The acquisition represents an addition to Vostermans' existing activities. With its brands Multifan and Mf-Flex the company is a global player on the industrial and agricultural fan markets. The EMI brand name, which Indolec used to market their fans, will be added as third brand to the existing Vostermans range.

Chairman of the board H. Vostermans of Vostermans Ventilation views the acquisition as an important expansion of market opportunities. "The takeover suits our strategy which aims to provide specific solutions to the demands on the growing market. This broadens our market position. Moreover, Indolec's portfolio is perfectly attuned to our existing product package."

The manner in which the activities in Zaltbommel are to be integrated in the production activities in Venlo will be decided in the near future.

5m Editor