Organic poultry farm uses air-cooling and local producers

by 5m Editor
6 September 2006, at 11:23am

US - To cope with the increasing demand for organic poultry products, Elite Foods has opened a 38,000 square foot East-coast processing plant.

The sale of organic foods in the US is still a small percentage of the total food market, but it shows strong growth as consumers show increased awareness of high quality meats, along with ethical concerns regarding meat production.

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic foods accounted for 2.5 percent of all food and drink sales nationwide, but have been growing near 20 per cent per year since 1990.

Elite Foods claims the Troy, North Carolina processing plant is the first in the US to use air-chilling methods to cool chicken after processing. This process could replace traditional chlorinated water treatments that are widespread across the nations processing plants.

Air chilling eliminates water retention in poultry, which extends shelf life and enriches flavor, said the company.

Source: Food Production Daily USA

5m Editor