RSPCA dismayed by poultry conditions

by 5m Editor
26 September 2006, at 12:56pm

UK- Many chickens reared for the table are prone to illnesses that could be reduced by better farm standards, according to a report by the RSPCA.

A report by the RSPCA says typical rearing conditions can cause the birds chronic leg disorders and even heart failure.

The animal welfare charity wants more producers to adopt better conditions than the Red Tractor standard, which allows broiler chickens a living space no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper.

Its "Everyone's A Winner" report says the number of meat chickens slaughtered in the UK rose by 16% to around 860 million in the decade to 2005. Around 97% are Red Tractor standard - reared in large, closed buildings with controlled conditions.

They are selected to grow quickly, with some chickens taking just over a month to reach shop shelves after hatching. Only in Brazil, Thailand and less enlightened European countries are chickens subjected to worse conditions.

Source: icWales

5m Editor