States reach agreement with egg industry over labeling

by 5m Editor
23 September 2006, at 10:56pm

WASHINGTON -- The egg industry has agreed to permanently drop "Animal Care Certified" logos on egg cartons after animal rights groups and officials from 16 states, including Alaska, said consumers were being misled.

The industry has already replaced the logos, which now read, "United Egg Producers Certified." The industry also agreed to pay $100,000 to states for attorney fees, consumer education and other costs.

"A certification program must not be promoted in a way that misleads consumers," said Robert J. Spagnoletti, attorney general for the District of Columbia, which reached the agreement with 16 states and United Egg Producers.

States contended the old logo falsely implied a higher level of care for hens. Spagnoletti released the agreement Thursday.

Source: Anchorage Daily News

5m Editor