A suitable feeding concept for every house

by 5m Editor
11 October 2006, at 2:19pm

THE NETHERLANDS - Fancom introduces 3 basic feeding concepts that enable any imaginable type of poultry house to be fitted with an automatic feed weighing installation: EasyBin, EasyBatch and EasyBlend.

Fancom - Complete Poultry Solutions EasyBin is a simple silo weighing system, which supplies large amounts of feed in a short time.

EasyBatch is a batch weighing system especially for situations where feed does not require mixing. The Fancom batch weighing system accurately controls the entire process, from preparing the feed in the batch weigher and filling the hoppers in the house, right up to supplying the feeding lines.

EasyBlend is a batch weighing system that allows two feed types to be mixed or grain to be added.

Alongside the three basic concepts, there are another two special concepts: The BreederBatch for houses with parent animals where males and females are fed separately and the MultiBlend for houses with a central silo configuration or multiple feed mixing.

It doesn't make any difference where the focal point of your feeding strategy lies. Whether you choose unlimited feed supplies with clear consumption registration or ration the feed to enable accurate growth control, or even if you focus on cutting feed costs by feed mixing, Fancom offers a suitable concept for every situation.

Simple operation makes processes manageable

Especially for precision control of our concepts, Fancom has developed a series of new feed computers that stand out for their ease of operation. Using a clear display, users can see at a glance the actual status of the situation in the animal houses. The Fancom process computers have a huge number of intelligent clock functions used to accurately control feed, water and light. All essential data relating to stocks, feed blends and consumption is stored in the computer's memory. The user can easily review, compare and make any adjustments if necessary.

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