Philippine poultry owners protest against imports

by 5m Editor
9 October 2006, at 5:10pm

PHILIPPINES - Poultry industry players in Nothern Mindanao are objecting to the planned importation of chicken products, warning the entry of foreign poultry goods in the domestic market would spell heavy losses for local farmers.

The planned importation was prompted by a "perceived shortage" of poultry products, brought about by the typhoon "Milenyo" that ravaged Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon, said Department of Agriculture Regional Director Joel Rudinas.

Rudinas said the request came from huge commercial companies, known as poultry integrators, which are also sighting -- as another justification to planned importation -- the upsurge of market demands during Christmas season.

"They are requesting to be allowed to import at least 3 million kilos of poultry products to offset the projected shortage," the agriculture official told this paper.

Source: Sun Star

5m Editor