Philippines poultry imports to increase

by 5m Editor
10 October 2006, at 10:41am

THE PHILIPPINES - As reported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) has authorised the domestic poultry industry to import an extra 3,000 tonnes of chicken, due to an expected shortage in poultry supply during the Christmas holidays.

The poultry sector was one of the industries most affected by Typhoon Milenyo, which hit the Philippines in late September.

Demand for chicken in the Philippines typically rises during the holiday season that starts in late November.

According to the USDA, although the specific guidelines and mechanisms for importing the 3,000 tonnes of chicken have yet to be completed and finalised by the DA, it is expected that these particular shipments of chicken – which will be over and above the Minimum Access Volumes – will be exempt from special agriculture safeguards and only subject to the regular tariff rate of 40%.

Source: MLA

5m Editor