Turning Waste into Power

by 5m Editor
9 October 2006, at 10:16am

CANADA - A recent press release tells us the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute may offer us a glimpse into our energy future.

An anaerobic biodigester system researched and developed at PAMI’s facilities in Humboldt has the potential to turn common waste into heat and electricity, with loads of potential for application here in Saskatchewan and around the globe.

The system is essentially a set of tanks, boilers and specialized equipment that creates a controlled environment to enhance a natural phenomenon: the decomposition of organic material by bacteria, which produces biogas in the process.

According to Patricia Lung, PAMI’s Project Leader for Energy and Processing, this biogas contains a mixture of about 70 per cent methane and 30 per cent carbon dioxide, with trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide. The methane is capable of being burned in generators to produce electricity.

The versatility of the biodigester may be one of its strongest assets. Feedstock for the device can essentially be any organic material, including manure, plant matter, seeds, grain, fat or a combination thereof.

Source: Discover Moose Jaw

5m Editor