Leading turkey producer closes down factory days before Christmas

by 5m Editor
15 November 2006, at 10:11am

UK - The UK’s third largest turkey producer and processor, Cherryridge Poultry, announced this week that it will close its processing factory on 22 December.

The move will leave 75 workers unemployed from its factory and rearing units, based in Norfolk, three days before Christmas.

Cherryridge Poultry aims to sell 250,000 turkeys before the closure of the unit in December. This is far below previous years, when the company sold between 350,000-400,000 birds into the Christmas market on top of the 15,000 birds processed each week during the year.

Despite an annual turnover of £15m, Cherryridge Poultry blamed the closure on low turkey prices from supermarkets that were insufficient to keep the factory operating.

Source: FWi

5m Editor