Poultry production in Russia in 9 months of year up by 20%

by 5m Editor
9 November 2006, at 11:47am

RUSSIA - Poultry production in Russia increased by 18.8 percent in the nine months of the year and reached almost the 1990 level of 180,000 tonnes, the Agriculture Ministry said on Wednesday.

“The poultry industry is the best adapted to streamlined production methods and dynamically developing sector of the Russian agro-industrial business,” Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev said.

He believes it “very important” that the poultry industry has achieved the 1990 level when “the meat and dairy industry produced the biggest volumes that have not been surpassed ever since.”

The biggest output growth has been registered in recent years in the Belgorod, Moscow, Lipetsk, Penza, Chelyabinsk, and Sverdlovsk regions, the Republic of Tatarstan, and Krasnoyarsk Territory.


5m Editor