Salmonella outbreak shouldn't cause a panic

by 5m Editor
2 November 2006, at 2:15pm

US - With a recent salmonella outbreak potentially linked to produce, shortly after spinach was taken off the shelves due to E. coli contamination, many people may be wondering if it is safe to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to Dr. James Wilson, District Health Department No. 10 medical director, people should not panic.

“The food supply is safer than it ever has been,” he said. “With the spinach scare, health officials pinpointed the source fairly promptly. They are out there now tracking down this outbreak.”

Although there are reports that salmonella has sickened at least 172 people in 18 states, Wilson said health officials still aren't certain that the cases in Michigan are related.

Source: Cadillac News

5m Editor