Mass Slaughter of Poultry Begins

by 5m Editor
13 December 2006, at 9:48am

SOUTH KOREA - Fears are growing that outbreaks of highly contagious avian influenza in North Cholla Province could cripple the region's poultry industry.

Following a third outbreak, quarantine officials are trying to prevent the potentially deadly disease spreading further.

Over the weekend, the third case of avian influenza was found at a quail farm in Kimje, some 262 kilometers southwest of Seoul, with more than 3,000 quails dying, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Last month the province experienced two cases of bird flu at two poultry farms in Iksan, 230 kilometers southwest of Seoul.

Some 6,100 farms in the province raise about 34.6 million birds, about 24 percent of the nation's total, with large chicken processors doing business there.

As a result, the three cases of the deadly disease are dealing a serious blow to the region's poultry industry.

Source: The Korea Times

5m Editor