Poultry Litter Heats Chicken House

by 5m Editor
18 December 2006, at 6:41am

ARKANSAS - It's a poultry growers dream - a furnace that uses the farm's own poultry litter to heat chicken houses.

Dr. Tom Costello, an engineer with the University of Arkansas, has teamed up with Lynndale Systems Inc. of Harrison and built the prototype for such a furnace. Costello is using it at the university's broiler research farm in Savoy.

On Thursday, Costello and his team demonstrated the poultry-litter biomass furnace to a dozen or so industry representatives. Poultry litter is a combination of poultry waste and bedding such as rice hulls or wood chips.

"Finding a way to use the litter and help the farmer get the benefit as well as generating a little economic activity in our region is what first peaked my interest in this project," Costello said.

Local poultry growers attending the demonstration gave the system a nod of approval and were anxious to hear all the details.

The litter-fired furnace uses a direct combustion process that is ignited with a propane pilot. The furnace burns litter in its combustion chamber, and the heat generated is directed into the poultry house through a closed-duct system.

Source: The Morning News

5m Editor