Poultry wrap up warm for winter

by 5m Editor
15 December 2006, at 12:08pm

UK - A gaggle of Cheshire geese are being given special treatment this winter with woolly hats and scarves.

Farmers hope that keeping out the chill will lead to happier, fatter - and therefore tastier - poultry for their Christmas customers. Despite the unseasonably warm December weather, Holly Tree Farm in Knutsford is taking no chances and wrapping up its Geese and Turkeys.

Owner Karol Bailey said that "pleased poultry makes tasty poultry". "It is important that animal welfare is of the highest standard to enable the animals to grow and produce tasty, flavoursome meat.

"During the winter months, turkeys and geese really suffer from the cold weather and consequently aren't very happy. "By keeping our poultry warm with hats and scarves, we're more likely to produce better tasting meat."

Source: BBC

5m Editor