Russia confirms distribution of quotas on meat import for 2007

by 5m Editor
28 December 2006, at 6:39am

MOSCOW - Russia’s Economic Development Ministry promulgated via its web-side yesterday the size and procedures for distributing the Q1’07 quotas on meat import to Russia. The ministry reasoned that 74 percent of beef could be imported from Europe despite that the latter itself had turned into the beef importer actually. The remaining quotas will suffice just for 11 days of the work, the players speculate.

Russia’s Economic Development Ministry released yesterday the list of importers and the calculation for 25 percent of the frozen meat quotas for 2007.

The ministry said 110,000 tons could be delivered to Russia in the first quarter of 2007. The meat of the European Union will account for 86,900 tons, the United States will provide 4,500 tons, while the other states (Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina etc.) will have no more than 17,800 tons.

Russia has been applying the meat/poultry import quotas since 2003. The quotas on import of poultry (1.09 million tons), beef (435,000 tons) and pork (450,000) are divided based on the country method. The United States benefits from the biggest quota on poultry (74 percent), the European Union may count on 18 percent, and the remaining world has to confine to 6 percent.

Source: Kommersant

5m Editor