S. Korea kills thousands of pigs, chickens to stem spread of bird flu

by 5m Editor
26 December 2006, at 5:57am

SOUTH KOREA - South Korean quarantine authorities said Sunday they have culled an additional 4,000 pigs and 2,000 chickens to prevent the spread of bird flu.

A total of 21,146 ducks, 2,820 chickens and 4,177 pigs have been slaughtered since Thursday, when the fourth outbreak of a highly pathogenic bird flu virus in a month was reported in Asan, about 90 kilometers south of Seoul.

The pigs were on a farm located in a 500-meter-radius of the outbreak site and the chickens on a farm within a 3-kilometer-radius, quarantine officials in the local South Chungcheong Province said.

Source: Yonhap News

5m Editor