Study into the administrative burden for farmers

by 5m Editor
20 December 2006, at 1:22pm

EU - Today the European Commission signed a contract to conduct a study into the administrative burden imposed on farmers by the direct payment rules introduced in the 2003 CAP reform.

In the framework of simplification, the Commission is seeking to identify and to assess the administrative burden resulting from CAP-related measures. This study will be a big step forward in identifying what can be and should be simplified. It forms part of DG Agriculture and Rural Development's contribution to promoting Better Regulation and therefore contributing towards the Lisbon Strategy.

To cover the different ways in which the direct payments could be implemented after the 2003 CAP reform, the study will measure the actual burden in five Member States: Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland and Italy. The study also covers the administrative burden related to the cross compliance obligations that are a part of the direct payments system.

First results of the study are expected mid-2007. The measurement of administrative burdens is a key element in identifying policy areas in which simplification would have the biggest economic impact. To ensure comparability of results the contractor will follow the EU methodology for assessing administrative costs as set out in COM (2005) 518 final.

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