US Consumer Reports Tests Chicken Nationwide For Bacteria

by 5m Editor
8 December 2006, at 2:19am

US - Leighton Kunkle has nerve damage in his hands and feet from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a side effect of food poisoning caused by the bacteria campylobacter. He believes he got sick from eating undercooked chicken in a restaurant.

"I spent the next few months in the hospital, in ICU, sitting there paralyzed from the neck down - had to learn how to walk again, eat again, talk again," says Kunkle.

Consumer Reports just tested chicken purchased nationwide to see if it contained the bacteria campylobacter or salmonella - the two leading bacterial causes of food poisoning. According to government figures, they sicken close to 3.5 million Americans a year and kill more than 700.

Testing was done on 525 fresh whole broilers from the top-selling brands Foster Farms, Perdue, Pilgrim's Pride, and Tyson, as well as 22 premium brands labeled "USDA organic" or "raised without antibiotics."

Source: KSLA News

5m Editor