Fancom introduces two new feed weigher computers: the F41 EasyBatch and the F42 EasyBlend

by 5m Editor
11 January 2007, at 1:49pm

THE NETHERLANDS - The F41 is especially suitable to control the EasyBatch feed concept. EasyBatch uses a batch weigher between the silo and the hoppers in the house and is intended for situations where feed does not have to be mixed.

Fancom - Complete Poultry Solutions The F42 is suitable for the EasyBlend feed concept, a batch weighing system which allows two feed types to be mixed or cereals to be added. The F41.2 and F42.2 are special versions for 2 houses. The computers are available in Dutch, English and German language versions. Fancom feed computers are easy to operate and the clear display shows the actual farm situation at a single glance. Extended alarm features safeguard the feed process.

Extensive water and light control

Fancom process computers have a huge number of intelligent clock functions used to accurately control, water and light. Water can be controlled based on time or depending on the water: feed ratio. Water dosing can be geared to the animal's needs to prevent unnecessary spillage. There are also more possibilities for the light clock control, which can be based on curves, time, light percentage or light intensity. The water and light clock can be coupled to the feed clock, for a process in perfect harmony.

Careful registration keeps the situation manageable

With Fancom feed computers you always know accurately how much feed is being given and can adapt settings to suit the current situation. All essential data relating to stocks, feed blends and consumption are stored in the computer's memory.

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