City implements poultry moratorium

by 5m Editor
22 February 2007, at 9:47am

ALBERTVILLE - The Albertville City Council on Monday placed a six-month moratorium on poultry processing plants and poultry plants for the further processing of chickens.

Citing traffic- and road-related problems for a proposed location near the intersection of U.S. 431 and Portwood Drive, City Council President Pat Allen said putting such a facility there is not a good fit and would be like trying to put “a square peg in a round hole.”

He said he had received phone calls in support of making such a moratorium permanent, but he said the council does not have the legal power to do that.

Other council members and Mayor Carl Pruett agreed in a work session last week that taking six months to consider the impact of additional facilities in this category on the city is a wise move.

Allen, who works in the poultry industry, said he is not against the industry. Concerns he and others have raised include roadway size and possible damage, traffic flow and the amount of traffic already on U.S. 431.

Citizens have noted other concerns involving large numbers of employees and their families impacting the school system and the desirability of more minimum wage jobs.

Source: Sand Mountain The Reporter

5m Editor