Domestic poultry faces greatest risk from virus

by 5m Editor
27 February 2007, at 9:37am

DUBAI - Prevention of infection of domestic poultry is most important in averting a bird flu outbreak in the UAE, warns a regional bird expert.

All poultry birds in farms are reported to be in good health in the UAE, says official.

Peter Hellyer, ornithologist and member of the Emirates Bird Records Committee, told Gulf News that authorities and the public should exercise utmost vigilance in ensuring imported birds were healthy.

"It is believed that the source of potential infection arises from domestic poultry, by bringing in infected poultry and mixing them with domestic poultry, he said.

He added that wild birds were unlikely culprits in spreading bird flu in domestic birds and poultry as "they will die before they get very far". So far, there is little evidence that the domestic poultry has been compromised.


5m Editor