Poultry Traders Seek FG’s Intervention

by 5m Editor
6 February 2007, at 9:20am

NIGERIA - The Federal Government has been asked to take steps to enhance poultry farmers and sellers’ capabilities to handle the outbreak of bird flu (Avian Influenza) and in particular prevent the transmission of the viral disease from locations where poultry is sold or slaughtered.

Alhaji Musa Suleiman, Secretary General of the Poultry Sellers Association, Wuse Market, made the appeal in Abuja while speaking on the preparedness of poultry sellers to control the spread of the Avian Influenza virus.

He explained that poultry farmers and sellers are generally confused about the recent reported death of a 22 year old girl after eating an infected chicken in Lagos.

He said poultry sellers are disturbed by the resurfacing of the disease, but said their greatest concern is the report that it has claimed human life.

He said their greatest handicap at the moment is the fact that poultry sellers neither know how to track the disease nor how to prevent it.

Source: This Day

5m Editor