Egg prices likely to go up in April

by 5m Editor
30 March 2007, at 1:37pm

NEW DELHI - Retail prices of egg, currently sold at Rs 28-32 a dozen, are likely to increase further early next month owing to higher cost of inputs like maize, the main poultry feed.

"Prices of egg may go up after the first week of April due to increase in the cost of maize," National Egg Coordination Committee chairperson Anuradha Desai told newspersons.

She said prices of maize had gone up by 65-70 per cent to Rs 9-10 per kg compared to the rates in August last year.

Desai, who is also chairperson and managing director of Venkateshwara Hatcheries, demanded a ban on futures trading on maize, saying: "The maize prices have gone up due to hoarding and futures trading."

Maize constitutes nearly 80 per cent of the poultry feed while soya meal has a 10-12 per cent share.

Source: ChennaiOnline

5m Editor