Hungary to tighten processing sanctions after bird flu plight

by 5m Editor
17 March 2007, at 12:05pm

EU - Poultry processors in Hungary could face tighter sanctions for breaching health and safety laws as part of new proposals to combat bird flu, says the country's chief veterinarian Miklos Süth.

Süth told the Reuters news agency that the country's parliament may impose stricter sanctions on processors who fail to produce appropriate documentation regarding the origins of their poultry.

The comments come after the announcement earlier this week that Hungarian domestic poultry stocks are once again free of the deadly H5N1 virus, following an outbreak in January.

The government is keen to adopt the measures to increase pressure on the country's processors to meet food safety standards.

Any company found to contravene these requirements could as a result face a year long suspensions from operating, as well significant fines.

Source: Food Production Daily

5m Editor