Organic feed shortage crisis on farms

by 5m Editor
27 March 2007, at 10:23am

UK - Organic farmers in South Lakeland could lose thousands of pounds, if a feed shortage forces them to decertify their produce.

A shortage of organic grain has already pushed wheat prices up to around £300 a tonne, barley to £200 and pulses such as beans to more than £250.

This is because there are not enough organic arable farmers to meet the needs of the growing number of converted livestock farms in Britain.

John Reid, manager of Lowther Park Farms, which supplies produce to a number of South Lakes outlets including Howbarrow Farm Shop (Cartmel), Higginsons Quality Butchers (Grange) and Irvings Quality Butchers (Ulverston), fears he will have to start giving his chicken flock non-organic feed later this year. The farm produces 900 chickens a week and keeps 11,000 chickens on 120 acres.

Source: North-West Evening Mail

5m Editor