Poultry group okays import of breeding stock

by 5m Editor
1 March 2007, at 12:03pm

MALAWI - The Poultry Industry Association of Malawi (Piam)—an umbrella organisation for poultry stakeholders in the country—said on Monday the legal importation of breeding stock poses no harm to the public amid the poultry import ban to check bird flu.

Piam’s statement came in the wake of reports that some players in the industry were illegally importing poultry products in defiance of a ban imposed by government of all poultry products.

According to the reports, one Piam member firm has allegedly been breaking the import ban by importing day old chicks breeding stock.

“The breeding stock in question were imported from a country which has no Avian Influenza [bird flu]. We wish to inform the general public that the allegations made are simply not true,” said Eric Chuma, Piam technical advisor.

He said Charles Stewart Day Old Chicks is one of only two producers authorised to import breeding stock and fertilised hatching eggs.

Chuma said the two players were granted importer status after meeting Malawi Government conditions of constructing a strictly monitored quarantine site at which all imported birds are placed.

“The breeding stock was imported from the Netherlands and was certified to be free of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) by that country’s veterinary authorities.

“Furthermore, the health certificate which accompanied the breeding stock clearly states that the Netherlands has been free of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) for at least the last twelve months prior to shipment,” he said.

Source: Nation Online

5m Editor