Poultry prices up 7.1 percent

by 5m Editor
12 March 2007, at 10:30am

NEW ZEALAND - Food prices increased 0.1 percent in the February 2007 month, Statistics New Zealand said today. The main contribution came from higher prices for the meat, poultry and fish subgroup (up 1.7 percent), driven by higher prices for poultry (up 7.1 percent).

Less significant upward contributions came from the restaurant meals and ready to eat food subgroup (up 0.4 percent), and the grocery food (up 0.2 percent) and non-alcoholic beverages (up 0.4 percent) subgroups.

Prices for the fruit and vegetables subgroup (down 2.6 percent) almost offset the total upward contributions of the four other subgroups, dominated by the meat, poultry and fish subgroup. The most significant downward contribution came from lower prices for apples (down 26.7 percent).

For the year to February 2007, food prices rose 4.5 percent. Prices were up for all subgroups: fruit and vegetables (up 18.5 percent); meat, poultry and fish (up 5.5 percent); restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food (up 3.3 percent); grocery food (up 1.4 percent) and non-alcoholic beverages (up 2.9 percent).

5m Editor