Poultry products are hit by ban uncertainty

by 5m Editor
15 March 2007, at 11:42am

ABU DHABI - The ban on sale of Indian poultry products, including eggs, continues to stay, Dr Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi, Minister of Environment and Water, said yesterday.

According to reports, the General Secretariat of Municipalities has issued a circular lifting the ban on the sales of Indian eggs. The Ministry of Environment and Water imposed the ban in 2005 following reports of cases of H5N1 bird flu strain being found in India.

"We are working with the municipalities ... to make sure the ban stays until further decision. The decision on the ban was taken by the ministry as part of the National Committee for Emergency Response to Bird Flu measures to protect public health," Dr Al Kindi told Gulf News.

Following the circular many retailers in Abu Dhabi have brought back the eggs on their shelves.

The minister said the ban can be lifted only by the ministry. He said though the ministry was not notified about the lifting of the ban, the issue will be worked upon soon.

Source: Gulf News

5m Editor