Poultry waste can generate 6MW electricity a day

by 5m Editor
21 March 2007, at 8:26am

BANGLADESH - As much as six megawatt electricity can be generated everyday from poultry excrement at Gazipur poultry zone, also known as the 'Poultry capital', experts said at a seminar in Gazipur.

Around 2.7 crore poultry birds are being raised in Gazipur that excrete around 1350 metric tons of wastes everyday, well enough to generate six megawatt electricity.

The seminar titled 'Poultry waste: Environment-friendly renewable energy' was held at Rajanigandha Rest House located at Bhawal National Park on Monday.

The Centre for Environmental Studies (CIS) and State University of Bangladesh jointly organised the seminar.

Source: The Daily Star

5m Editor