Vostermans Latest Creation: The Five Blade Multifan 130

by 5m Editor
29 March 2007, at 2:34pm

NETHERLANDS - The Multifan 130: 5-blade version is Vostermans latest editioin to cutting edge ventilation technology, promising a performance it says, competitors simply cannot match.

Since the introduction of the Multifan 130, Vostermans Ventilation continuously creates new possibilities. After the introduction of the standard version of the Multifan 130, the Cone fan was developed to be able to obtain higher air volumes.

In addition to these developments this autumn Vostermans Ventilation pays more attention to the 5-blade version of the Multifan 130 – Introducing a new model specifically designed to maximise performance in high pressure environments.

For further information, contact Dan Roumen, Marketing Manager: [email protected]

5m Editor