Bernard Matthews re-employs workers

by 5m Editor
13 April 2007, at 7:33am

UK - Poultry giant Bernard Matthews which temporarily laid off about 270 workers after a bird flu outbreak, is taking on 32 employees, it has been announced.

Bernard Matthews has seen an improvement in sales

The food producer said the number was set to rise to more than 100 in the coming weeks after a sales improvement.

Avian flu was found at the site in Holton, Suffolk, on 3 February and 2,600 turkeys died - a further 159,000 birds were culled.

Restrictions on the movement of poultry in the area were lifted in March.

A spokesman for the firm said: "Bernard Matthews is dedicated to doing everything possible to restore consumer confidence further and re-engage all laid-off employees as quickly as possible."

Source: BBC News

5m Editor