Ukraine's Mironovsky chooses Pas Reform state-of-the-art hatchery automation

UKRAINE - Ukraine’s leading integrated poultry producer, Mironovsky Hliboprodukt, has contracted Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform to supply new equipment and training for a major new expansion project over the next two years.
calendar icon 20 April 2007
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Pas Reform will supply 102 SmartSet™ setters and 144 SmartHatch™ hatchers to the ambitious Project, targeting the production of over 175 million day old chicks per year – and taking Mironovsky Hliboproduckt's outputs to 227,000 tons of chilled poultry products per annum, including whole birds, cutups, giblets and other meat products, by 2008.

In addition to the installation of the hatchery equipment, Pas Reform is also Mironovsky’s chosen supplier for a total, state-of-the-art hatchery automation system – creating what will be one of the largest hatcheries of its kind in Europe.

The Mironovsky hatchery automation project consists of:

  • Three separate lines for automated hatching egg handling, to place eggs automatically on setter trays.

  • Semi-automated candling and transfer operation, in collaboration with Embrex to facilitate the possible incorporation of inovoject operations in the future.

  • Automated chick take off, culminating in chick counting lines for total throughput of 90,000 doc/h

  • A hatch basket tipper, macerator and vacuum system for waste disposal

  • Automated washing lines (with pre-wash) for hatcher baskets, setter trays and chick boxes

  • Stackers and destackers for chick boxes, hatcher baskets and setter trays

  • Automatic vaccination carrousels, with vaccination equipment

“Working with a multi-disciplinary team has been essential for this Project,” says project leader Jan Peter Eil“, to achieve the required scalability not only to meet today’s needs, but also those of the future.”

Pas Reform has the skills and expertise to mobilise a truly integrated team of embryologists, hatchery management and production specialists and fully qualified engineers. “By this integrated approach, our project team delivers a balanced solution,” says Mr Eil, “that enables maximum hands-off operation, geared entirely to producing the highest output of quality, day old chicks.”

Working in collaboration with Mironovsky, Pas Reform has used the newest release of One Space Designer, a 3D modelling package that has revolutionized the conceptual drawing stages of hatchery planning and design.

“Poultry consumption is growing rapidly in the Ukraine,” says Mr. Y.Kosyuk, President of Mironovsky, “and we envisage a situation in the next five years, whereby the poultry sector here will satisfy not only our domestic needs, but it will also begin exporting to neighbouring markets.” In view of these developments, he says, Mironovsky intends to be ready and able to drive its production facilities to meet world standards.

For almost a century, Pas Reform has combined the science of embryology with cutting-edge engineering expertise. The result is reliable, cost-effective hatchery automation - and real benefits in terms of chick quality, performance and results. The Dutch company has, says CEO Bart Aangenendt, taken a strategic decision to grow as a complete solutions provider to the incubation industry.

“Hatchery automation is, in our view, an integral part of producing top quality chicks in the modern hatchery,” he says – a belief well supported by the success of Pas Reform’s recently formed, specialist hatchery automation department. “Our hatchery automation team has its own product managers and project teams, which has given great confidence to our clients worldwide - and in turn, significantly increased our turnover in this area of our operations.”

And according to business development manager Bouke Hamminga, Pas Reform will continue to leverage what it sees as a core, strategic strength. “We have made a firm commitment to the sector with our Smart machines in the global arena,” says Hamminga, “and through our dedicated automation department, we see similar opportunities for growth.”

Pas Reform’s Hatchery Automation Systems are flexible and easy to clean. Minimal maintenance delivers less downtime and improved hygiene, efficiency and reliability, while reducing labour costs. And improvements in the quality of the working environment mean that hatchery personnel benefit too.

From stand-alone machines, to complete, turnkey solution that fully automate the hatchery, Pas Reform is committed to providing equal care and commitment to all customers.

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