EU Poultry Labelling Plans Dumped

by 5m Editor
4 May 2007, at 11:32am

EU - Plans for a labelling scheme for poultry that meets higher EU standards have been dumped because of member countries’ opposition.

It has also emerged that a scheme proposed by the German presidency to stress higher animal welfare standards in Europe has been kicked into touch, again because of opposition from member state officials in Brussels.

The poultry labelling plan had been put forward as a sweetener for farmers to try to make new battery hen welfare proposals more acceptable. But it seems member country opposition to labelling initiatives runs deep.

The poultry plan has been dropped and the animal welfare plan has moved from a call for a firm proposal from the European Commission to a call for a report – usually a back door way to kill off an idea by strangling it in red tape and consultation.

Member countries have reportedly said they would prefer a more ambitious plan covering all commodities, based on an EU label to be used on organic food.

However, farmers will be suspicious that their lobbying for consumers to have more information have been countered by supermarket and food processor opposition to any moves that curb their ability to source globally without consumers realising this is happening.

Source: FarmersGuardian

5m Editor